Ireland Vs England Rugby Opening Croke Park – Rule 42

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  1. @waaeaa by the way what are you basing your crime statistics in Italy on? I
    live here and know for a fact that the most serious criminal and social
    problems come from the mafia. Do you know what’s going on in Naples at the
    moment? Nothing to do with immigrants but costing millions!

  2. fond memories lol

  3. Better Rugby than soccer.

  4. I was there! Lower Hogan!


  6. IRELAND r no.1

  7. LOL You take the time out to come on to a Video that really has nothing to
    do with you and feel the need to explain why England is superior? Sounds
    like you’re the one with the inferiority complex mate.

  8. Paying off the ref? Fuck off, if anyone paid the ref it was england. Hows
    it a dump? is it because it has a higher capacity then ‘Fortress’

  9. @jkino78 they did not fight or die so that the sons and daughters of
    foreign ppl, who had nothing to do with gaining that territory and
    sacrificing for that territory. So money that could be spent on dealing
    with your own criminals, your own elderly, your own sick ppl now has to go
    on, dealing with immigration processing, immigration, lawyers, crime, etc,
    etc, etc. The ppl who lose out are the descendants of the ancestors who
    fought and died for their own kind.

  10. @jkino78 New york and certain parts of british cities were multi-ethnic so
    this need to bond came from competition for resources. Something that will
    also happen here. It was also a different time. Irish who go there now do
    not form such gangs and haven’t since those days. Also the countries the
    Irish went to are european made political entities, what African or
    pakistani lands did we go to en masse, where we would change the face of
    the population? NONE. you are comparing apples with oranges

  11. @waaeaa regarding my children they’re growing up in Europe, I live in Italy
    where there is far more immigration than in Ireland. What they face can be
    seen as positive or a problem, depends on how flexible their outlook on
    life is. I’d like to think they’ll be open minded.

  12. Armitage deserved to be sent off in fairness, he clearly prevented what
    would have been an excellant chance fro O’ Driscoll to get a try. The
    reason two were sent off was because of the shit england got away with
    earlier in the game, whilst the sending offs may have been harsh when
    viewed in isolation, when you look at the whole game england got no more
    then thay deserved. Your disliking of Croke Park seems to me to be
    irrational and to be honest not worth commenting on any further

  13. @unimployed oh right so invading a country several times smaller than yours
    than causing unimaginable hurt with barbaric cruelty is a form of bravery
    is it? saxon prick

  14. missxsarahxlouise

    Proudest day of being a member of the GAA

  15. Whoever didn’t want soccer and rugby played in Crome par

  16. Indeed, and yet here you are having English players playing an English
    sport with the British national anthem being played in it. And you also had
    HM The Queen visit it too. How does it feel to know that your gaa sold out?

  17. @jkino78 Once again you miss the point. Every country has things like
    crime, it is this exact reason, that every country needs to spend money on
    making it’s own country and it’s own people better and have a better
    quality of life. Introduce immigration, and now you have to draw resources
    and money away from your own ppl, ppl who ancestors fought, bled and
    sweated to cut out a piece of territory so that their descendants could
    have a better quality of life.

  18. i dont think anyone has any respect for you english. you are very self
    centered mean hearted race of people. your country needs to grow up and
    take responsibility for what you have done to a lot of countries in this

  19. BaRcOePrOdUcTiOnZz

    im irish im irish i know im bloody irish i do a dance i s*** my pants i
    know im bloody irish

  20. @jkino78 No need to, that was my own definition. I would hate you to be me
    too, I prize, difference, and the keeping of difference. Vive la
    difference, in our own lands. I do not see things from one side, I think
    you do, and are simply justifying your own position. I am quite happy with
    my own life, but sad for the suffering of my own ppl. Anybody who is not,
    is truly asleep, is not truly alive, and cannot truly enjoy life, with
    pleasure comes pain. That’s life.

  21. I did not say I would, so what the fuck are you on about idiot. I have too
    much respect for the Irish to come out with such vile rubbish. People like
    you just love to be the hard man on youtube, pathetic little dick.

  22. i couldnt say it better myself. its good to see humility in the English and
    of course we dont all hold it against the current crop of Englishmen, its
    good to see common sense from you!

  23. Hahahahahah. Your such a pathetic, insecure, cowardly, dickhead. I come
    from a very rural part of England, not a public schoolboy for miles, and
    believe me dick, you would not say what you say on youtube in any pub in my
    area….Your such a big boy posting vile crap on youtube…Say it to
    someones face like a real man would. Ireland beat Engalnd fair enough, I
    played the game for 30 years so know a little about it, but believe me
    dickhead, they did not get smashed.

  24. @waaeaa sidestepped what issue? The inexistant communist regime in Arabia?
    Come on, you haven’t really made any valid points. You take one sided
    statistics and run with it. Races have been mixing the world over since
    time began and that if we look at the percentages the Irish population has
    one of the highest emigration rates of any country over the last 50yrs. As
    an Irishman, each to his own sounds quite silly. As to pointing out that
    you seem to be whinging, not exactly an attack now is it?

  25. A momentous occasion and I had the honor of being there for the
    England/Ireland game. An extremely emotional occasion