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  1. im english and my girlfriend’s welsh and i love the way the welsh are so
    passionate about their rugby ! i think its cos they know theyre never gonna
    beat england at football, we have a joint cricket team and theyre unlikely
    to get parliamentary sovreignty from westminster so its the one way they
    can have one over on the english lol !

  2. stormtroopersarecool

    @Aussiephil99 Bit rich, “mate”, seeing as you’re an Australian, you’re
    english anyway in effect!

  3. jhlkj;kj;'j'klj

    @mathmayhem101 well ur a biased idiot

  4. Can anybody tell me the name of the guy who gets the ball at 1:55?

  5. Alexander Evison

    @TheSpringbok23 well said :)

  6. @TheSpringbok23 Stop racial hate, everyone lives in their own countries.

  7. Enjoyed that…not sure about the music though! The guys should watch stuff
    like this before a game – to remind them how feared England used to be with
    massive score lines. Now we just seem to be happy with a 2 point victory.
    Everyone slating England are jealous little girls – girls are mean to the
    boys they fancy. Most are just jealous because we’re still the ONLY NH team
    to have won the world cup.

  8. @appearce55 u sad mother fucker,seriously like why the fuck did u bring
    women into this.ur english women are all fat so u cant say much!wats on
    their diet.ohh wait let me guess fish nd chips

  9. 9:17 smashed by some1 5ft 9 hahaha and does any1 know wt the first song is

  10. old england are soooo much better than england nowadays. what the fuck

  11. protein shakes happened

  12. @xDangerMouse95x this is true….even if it was actually a knock on :P

  13. @Mattiscoolandawesome yeah…Ireland may have beaten England this year
    (only just), but England dominated Ireland last year by a mile (30+ points
    - 10). Lmao. When have Ireland made it to the finals in a rugby world cup??
    Nuff said.

  14. whos the bald chinese guy who scored round about 5:30, hes awesome

  15. @MrKoolman85 shut up u!new zealand do own the sport!hu gives a shit wat you
    have achieved !every1 hates england

  16. Wakeupthesheeple

    A great compilation – thank you very much!

  17. What’s the sonG?

  18. England to win world cup 2011

  19. No, England were the top team in the world from 2001 – 2004, when they lost
    the 6 nations to France, but then they retained themselves from 2005-06 but
    then began to bring the next generation of England stars and their
    performance decreased, all in the aid of a better team

  20. Thats right it takes 50 years of rugby for the poms to put together 9.28
    video of tries because they play boring rugby. The only time you see them
    running the ball is in this video. If you dont like this comment the truth
    hurts does’t it

  21. Jason Robinson RULES

  22. Emma van der Pant

    @bubbadukenz sorry who won the last time we played and who just one the
    ashes and who played shit in that i think it was the men with the baggy
    caps truth hurts mate!

  23. Great vid – but time for a new one!

  24. Mattiscoolandawesome

    Eh the only reason im on this is 2 say how rubbish England is and we irish
    are fantastic C’mon IRELAND. Oh and u guys havent beaten us in such a long
    time u might as well lose hope. Bye

  25. england is gay!u r all gay !ye cnt play rugby or soccer or even fking
    cricket nd ye invented it !ye suck!seriously like every1 hates ye! why dnt
    ye just drop an atomic bomb on yourselves, nd do the world a favour!!