Cute Puppy Growl

Movie Score: 4 / five

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  1. Tommy, Gracie & Leo

    Lucky! Hope you had a great time. Thanks for your comment and concern about

  2. i love how you dress him up its so cute!

  3. I will never stop loving Tommy!! He is so adorable! 8)

  4. videomakingchic

    Aw hiss polo matches the alligator,so cute! Where do you buy his clothes

  5. Tommy, Gracie & Leo

    Thank you for your nice comments and prayers. Tommy means the world to us.
    We’re glad his new video made you happy. : )

  6. Tommy 1 Alligator 0

  7. Mia and Penny's Place

    That’s a mighty fierce growl there Tom-Tom. That alligator doesn’t stand a
    chance :)

  8. Just stopped by to see who was winning…. Still Tommy! Go Tommy go!

  9. @Tiffany ferrary mine too

  10. your pets are soooo cute <3. they are seriously like THE CUTEST! everytime
    i see a video, i just wanna dieeee!!! I JUST WANNA HUG ‘EM & KISS ‘EM ;)

  11. Bellissmo!!! Che bel giochino!!

  12. Haha I have a Chihuahua and she does the same thing! She also jumps in the
    air trying to eat the dust she sees..

  13. I want a pet monkey :P

  14. We’re coming back every day until the 18th to watch this cuteness! And
    maybe after watching such intense cuteness we will also remember to leave a
    comment too!

  15. Tommy sounds like my chihuahua named Missy when he’s growling. Missy growls
    when she’s mad

  16. Oh my what a brave little boy wrasslin with that big mean alliagator, i
    feel safe knowing Tommy is out there protecting us all!

  17. Tommy is so fierce and adorable.

  18. mimislipperyfishram

    I love Tommy! I’ve seen all his vids. I also love all of Tommy’s outfits —
    way cute. I have a male 1yr old fawn deer-head Chi too–he’s the love of my
    life. He almost looks like Tommy’s twin, just a wee bit smaller. lol

  19. Love the polo shirt. My little girl loves to wear cloths too

  20. watching Tommy’s videos makes me wish I had a chihuahua of my own :)

  21. Tommy is so cute

  22. my love for this dog!<3

  23. love, love, love, love, love love, love, love, love, love !

  24. Tommy, Gracie & Leo

    Glad Abby liked watching Tommy too! : ) Thank you for your nice comment.